Virginia VOAD currently has the following committees

These committees are not tied to a particular disaster, but instead focus on their subject matter throughout the year to create guidance documents, best practices, and other resources for the VOAD membership and the general public. You can find some of those resources here.

The Communications Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining appropriate channels of effective communication and producing content for distribution.

The Finance Committee is responsible for fiscal policy, engagement of the audit, and preparing the annual budget

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting, vetting, and recommending organizations to become members of VA VOAD and maintaining the membership directory.

The Nominating committee is responsible for collecting, vetting, informing, and distributing all information regarding nominees to the Board of Directors and the Membership as required for voting purposes.

The Standard Operating Procedures Committee has the responsibility to maintain, update, and evaluate the VA VOAD Standard Operating Procedures Manual on an annual basis (minimum) to ensure compliance and recommend any changes to the Board of Directors for approval.